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Canadian Live lobster

We source our lobsters from small London based suppliers.

What to expect when you purchase a Lobster:

Delicious White Meat - this can be found in the tail and claws of the Lobster
Tomalley - this is the soft green or red substance which is found in the body cavity of Lobsters that fulfills the function of both the liver and pancreas. It is perfectly safe to eat and is often considered a delicacy. It may be eaten alone or used in sauces for flavour and as a natural thickening agent.

How dose it arrive?

Once you have place your order, you will then get an email from us to arrange your date and time for delivery of your product.

Fresh food arrive in insulated boxes. Gel ice packs to keep your shellfish cool, these can be reused as you please.

There is a £10 charge added to your bill at the check out per delivery.

Please note: The Lobster weight listed is 'live' weight. All Lobsters lose a small amount of weight once cooked. The general guideline would be:
10-15% loss for a Cooked Lobster
15-20% loss for a Cooked, Split and Cleaned Lobster.